How To Ask For A Girls Number Easily

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Asking for a girl’s number is possibly the easiest thing you could master in this game. However, like most things in this world. there is therightway to do something as well as a wrong way to do it. How you ask for a girl’s number is fairly straightforward,but you need a strategy beforehand to not run risk of engaging in the ‘paper lottery’; simply asking for a number and then hoping that she’ll return your calls. That’s what is called a stairway to heaven.

How to ask for a girls number can either be incredibly complicated or convoluted, or it can be very straight forward. The best way to ask for a girl’s number is simply by passing your phone for her to enter her digits into, or you can let her come to the conclusion herself by asking a question such as:

‘So, what’s the best way to continue this conversation? You seem cool call girls in islamabad and we should hang out sometime’.

The important thing to remember when asking for a girl’s number is that getting the number itself is easy, and it doesn’t guaruntee that she’ll actually go out on a date with you. This is why you need to follow a strategy like the one described below so your numbers STICK and she is happy and excited to see you.

Plan A Reason Or Excuse Before Asking For A Girl’s Number Tell her you’d like to check out a movie with her or you’d like her to come over and play Rock Band. It can be anything, but there needs to be a reason or a pretense of why you want to ask for her number to begin with.

Say you start talking to her and you find out that you both play guitar. Perfect opportunity to ask for her number:

‘You should give me your number and we can have a jam sometime’.

Or maybe you find out you both share a love of cooking, or sports, or books or anything you mutual interest in. This is critical because she doesn’t know you, and she’s bound to have gone on boring dates before, so by having an excuse to ask for her number makes it seem much more natural works as a kind of reassurance that you’re a cool guy and she’s going to hang fun hanging out with you. The pickup then becomes an opportunity for her to network with someone who has similar interests, and coincidentally he’s incredibly attractive

Additionally, you should continue the pick up after she has entered the digits. Telling her you’ll call her later while you are walking away is not the way to end to pick up. Asking for a girl’s number is merely a logistical tool to meet up in the future, it is not a way to ‘seal the deal’ for a date. When a guy simply walks away once he has her number she will flake, and it is ultimately a waste of your time. Don’t make the act of asking for her number an obvious pickup, it should instead be the natural progression from meeting someone really interesting to making plans for further adventures.

Even if you only have a very short amount of time left to spend with her after you get her number, make those minutes count. Use it as an advantage to find out more about what she does, what she finds interesting. It is an opportunity to skim over a few topics so you have an idea in your head of what to talk about when it comes to date night.

Don’t consider asking asking a girl on a date as a victory, a girl will give out her number to virtually anyone that asks. Instead treat it as a logistical tool to get to know her in the future. You need to ask for the girl’s number in order to secure a date, which should be structured so you both end up at your place.

A good tool you can use after you ask for the girl’s number and you’re on the first date with her is to invite her inside your house first, even if it’s only for a few brief minutes while you organize your things for the day. By letting her inside your home first she will feel a lot more comfortable when she is coming back after a long night of partying and having fun with you. It will be familiar to her, and won’t seem as such a shock when she enters your room or apartment for the first time.

If she gives you her number and she doesn’t return your calls or seems cold or distant don’t get angry or agitated. If you leave two messages and she returns neither, placing a third or forth is only going to come across as desperate, the same applies if you get her number and she is suddenly too busy to see you. Cool people always have lots of people to hang out with, and by understanding her other commitments you show that you don’t need her to happy, and that you already have other interesting people in your life who will GLADLY spend time with you.

Asking for a girl’s number or on a date is easy, but it’s the follow up that is important. Ask for the number directly, have a follow up plan for how you structure your date, and if she flakes be cool about it. You never know when she will suddenly become ‘free’, and will want to hang out one lonely Friday or Saturday night when her friends are out of town.

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